365 square feet – 365 days

Yep, it’s official. We will start our one year motorhome trip in October 2016. It’s going to be a year of adventure, love, minalmalism, health and living in the now. We’ve started our “fu*k-it list” and are determined to live with passion and without prejudice❤️. Many upcoming posts with trip preparations, rv upgrades, cooking and cigars and love. 


All humidors are not equal

If you’re going to invest in good cigars, you need to have a dependable humidor to store them in. The humidor needs cedar lining or trays, humidity and a degree of air tightness when closed. Sure, you can buy some fancy$$ and capable humidors online. Or you can can build a unique one yourself – I’ve recycled a 50 caliber ammo can, cut some cedar and bought a a hygrometer to build my 200 cigar humidor. Boveda bags will keep it at 72% humidity and it has an air tight seal. I also don’t care if it gets scratched up!

Cast Iron Camper

collecting and cooking with cast iron – RV camping & travel – cats – living in the now – cigars – rum – recipes, gadgets and life. 

 Cast iron makes bacon better! 
 These two are great travellers

  The iron horse 
 SUNRISES “grateful  for every one of them.”